Racetec RR CompK Slick Soft NHS (Front)

The perfect racetrack companion
Specifically designed for club-racing and track-days

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Product Description
No need for tyre warmers RACETEC™ RR COMPK SLICK is able to work at lower operating temperature than other professional slick tyres thanks to the employment of ‘low glass transition’ polymers, carbon black and specific resins that increase tyre versatility on different asphalts, with different temperatures and removes the need for tyre warmers. RACETEC™ RR COMPK SLICK will provide its grip performances also when used at lower speed than those which would be normally needed to “keep in temperature” other slick products which makes of it the perfect choice for club racing and trackdays.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Width 120
Profile 70
Rim Size ZR17
Speed Rating No
Manufacturer Metzeler